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Nokia Downloads


Nokia Graphics editing tools

Logomanager V1.25

Logo & Ringtone design package

Ring tone editors

Ringtone Converter

Converts RTTL & Composer text to Nokia 3210


Edit/Compose/Upload ringtones to your Nokia Mobile.

Midi Tones

A Collection of 500+ Ringtones in Midi format.

Midi to Tone

Convert Midi files into Nokia Ring tones.

Wav to Midi

Convert Wav files to Midi in order to convert them to Ring tones with the program above.

Mp3 to Wav

Convert mp3 files to wav in order to convert them to midi tones with the program above.


3210 Unlocker

3210 All Unlocker

5110 Unlocker

5110 All Unlocker

6110 Unlocker

6110 All Unlocker

6150 Unlocker

6150 All Unlocker

7110 Unlocker

7110 All Unlocker

8210 Unlocker

8210 All Unlocker

All Unlocker

Unlocking tool for lots of Nokia mobile functions.


Change/Umask Security code on your Nokia mobile.

Net Monitor

A range of functions for your Nokia mobile.

Unlocking Kits

Click Here to Get A Free Comms Cable for uploading ringtones and logos FREE!  When you order our Nokia Unlocking Kit.

Free Com Port Cable With Nokia Unlocking Kit.

Ideal kit add-on for updating Logos & Ringtones

now only 29.99

Misc. Tools

7110 Explorer

A range of functions for a 7110.

3210 Games

Add the Hidden "React" & "Logic"  Games to Your 3210 Datacable needed, You Can Get One HERE

3210 Vibrate

Make your 3210 Vibrate, Motor & Datacable Needed You Can Get Them Both HERE

SMS Messaging Tools


Send SMS messages from you computer accross the Internet.

SMS Art Collection

Loads of fun SMS pictures


Send SMS messages to any mobile phone in the world from your computer accross the net.



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Dual Sim (2 sims in 1 phone)

Sim Cards

Sim Card Backup Devices

Mobile Bling Crystals

Crystal Transparent Cases

Phone Covers / Housings

Phone Gloves / Cases

Mobile Chargers


Hands Free Kits

Phone Holders

Satellite Navigation GPS

Desktop Chargers

Stylus Pens

Spy Phones
File Downloads (MP3-Video)
Ringtones / Games etc..

Ringtone CD's

iPod Accessories

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